I want to make work that actually helps to destroy white supremacy. I am in the relatively early phases of my work to do so, and am continuing to educate myself so I can be more effective. I do not claim to be doing this well all the time or to have all the knowledge. Nor do I think that because I am saying all this, I am somehow safe from racism or somehow in the right or anything like that. I am learning every day and am very grateful for my community for their knowledge-sharing.

Some ways I am currently aiming to destroy white supremacy with my work include:

honoring native land at the beginning of every gathering. Learning more here and here.

by educating myself constantly with the work that has been done and comes before me

by listening

by centering people of color, queer folks, trans folks, gnc folks, and womxn in the work

by paying my collaborators by the hour

by understanding that until I’m actually changing policy, my efforts can only affect my extended community, which of course, is its own bubble

by focusing on audience and accessibility and reach

by always trying to better understand and heal and care for myself so I see and feel myself clearly and therefore better hold space for the folks around me

by questioning myself constantly, by not thinking I’m special in this, and by trying my best to not make it about me or my white fragility

by partnering with and compensating folks who have done this work their whole lives

by challenging the white folks around me to look at their complicity and perspectives and bias

by remembering and reminding the white folks around me that it’s our responsibility to dismantle white supremacy

by reading even though I’m a slow reading. The books I’m reading now: White Fragility, Emergent Strategy, Parable of the Sower

Thank you to the incredible Diana Oh who made a full reading list as part of their newest performance series: Clairvoyance: Installation #2: White People Read. READ THESE BOOKS.